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Got a question? No problem, here are answers to our frequently asked questions.

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Can anyone join Team52?

Definitely! Team52 welcomes anyone who’d like to add to accomplish something awesome over the next 12 months. You don’t need to be super fit, there are different challenges to suit different abilities. Teams can be geographically dispersed and of different fitness levels as both personal and group challenges count towards your team total. You choose your own challenges.

What counts as a challenge?

The definition of a challenge is totally subjective - that’s what we love about them.

What you consider a challenge will (likely) be different to your granny. What you consider a challenge in your first Team52 year, will be different from your second Team52 year. We suggest that your criteria for choosing your Team52 challenges are:

How many challenges do I personally need to do?

That’s completely up to you! Your team target is to complete 12, 26 or 52 challenges (whichever you choose), but you can split that total however you like. One person may like to do 20, while others, just 1 or 2. You may choose to do all of them together - or divide and conquer - the choice is yours. Members can ask their challenge mentor to help them on the finer details of this.

Why “52”?

That’s an easy one. There are 52 weeks in a year. A year is a long time and you can make great progress towards your life goals if you are clear on your goals, stay focused and have the right team around you. Team52 are here to help you with your adventure and challenge goals. We help you feel more in control of your time and clearer on your purpose.

Who’s behind Team52?

We (Annie and Georgie) set up Team52 to help make it easy for busy people to build adventure into their week. We get that it can be tough to know where to start and that fitting challenges around a full time job is no mean feat. We’ve both ‘been there and done it’, between us we’ve completed hundreds of challenges; anything from hula hooping and flying trapeze to ultra marathons and cycling to Paris. Read more about Annie and Georgie on our About Us page.

I don’t have a team, can I still get involved?

The great thing about Team52 is that we’re creating a whole community of like-minded adventure-loving people. If you haven't yet found your tribe, fill in this form. We'll do our best to match you up with a team.

Do I need to be in London to take part?

Nope, you and your team can be members of Team52 from anywhere. No need to be stuck in the big smoke. In fact, Team52 is a great excuse to chat more frequently with your friends, family and colleagues who live abroad so bring them into your team, you don’t all need to be in the same place.

Do I have to start the 12 months in January?

You don’t need to start in January - although January is a great time to start and you’ll be part of our Founding Members cohort! It’s simple, you’ll join the monthly cohort of members for whichever month you start in.

Can I fundraise for charity?

Of course, Team52 is all about supporting great causes so we’d love you to put all your effort towards your favourite charity. Members will have the chance link their team’s donation page (Just Giving/ Virgin Money Giving etc) to their dashboard so that it can be easily shared for fundraising.

How much time do I have to commit?

The simple answer is, as much or as little as you’d like. We want Team52 to work for you and fit around your life. Keep in mind how much time you can commit to your year of challenges when you and your team are choosing which challenge goal to go for; 12, 26 or 52. You can then tailor the challenges depending on how much time you can commit to training and planning. It’s all in your control!

I know someone who would love Team52, how can I get them involved?

Fab. There are plenty of ways to share Team52. You can…

  1. Add them to your team, just ask your Team Captain to send them your team’s personal invite code (you can also find this on your team dashboard).
  2. Maybe they’d like to build their own team? Point them to and share @team52challenge on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Is there a maximum or minimum team size?

The minimum team size is two. There’s no maximum team size but we’d suggest you don’t make too large so that’s it’s easier to get organised (hands up who's tried to organise that group holiday with 20 of your closest buddies?!). If you’ve got a big gang of friends why not split into two groups and create a bit of friendly competition?

Does Team52 organise the challenges?

Team52 don’t host challenges, instead we give your team full flexibility and freedom to go out and choose your own. We provide you with inspiration, handpicked guides and top tips. We organise Member Meet-ups - some are complementary to your challenges (e.g. adventure photography workshops, trail running courses), others can count towards your team’s total (e.g. outdoor swims, cycles and hikes). You can contact us anytime during your membership for personal guidance and help in choosing and planning your challenges so that you can forget the admin and focus on the fun.

What if I’m not as fit as my team members?

No problem! Team52 is all about getting out there and having fun no matter what your fitness level. There’s plenty of adventure inspiration to suit every level. Remember you don’t have to do challenges as a whole team. As long as the total number of challenges reaches your teams goal (12, 26 or 52) at the end of the year - you’re good!

I’ve never felt like adventure or sporty stuff is my bag - is Team52 for me?

Of course. We’re a big advocate of bite-sized adventure being whatever you make of it. You might want to look at our ‘Gentle/ Rehab’ challenges that get you outdoors and active with minimal impact. You can make the most of Team52 to ask for help, both of your friends who might have some ideas for you, and from us for ideas and personalised support.

What kind of personal support do you offer?

We get that it can be tough to know where to start, which is why our highly experienced team are on hand to give you tailored guidance and support over the phone or via e-mail. We’ve been out there and done and can help you with anything from logistics to kit lists. Think of us as your personal challenge mentor's.

What sort of events and meets-ups are on offer?

Come and meet your tribe of adventure loving, like-minded people at our regular Team52 events and challenges. This is your chance to join forces, compare notes and share advice. We organise Member Meet-ups - some are complementary to your challenges (e.g. adventure photography workshops, trail running courses), others can count towards your team’s total (e.g. outdoor swims, cycles and hikes).

I’m a brand and would love to partner with Team52. Is that possible?

It sure is! We want to showcase top brands who share our mission and help our members minimise barriers to being outdoors and adventuring. Head over to our Partner page to find out more and get in touch.

The company I work for would love to offer Team52 to their employees. Is that possible?

Mais oui! We offer an action-packed package to companies who’d like their employees to build teams and take on challenges together. Team52 is perfect for companies looking to improve culture and engagement; it offers employees healthy alternatives to socialise and develop self-esteem and team morale. Head over to our Corporate page to find out more.

I’d love to contribute / volunteer, how can I get involved?

Fab! We’re a big believer in the power of teamwork and we’re always keen to hear from our community. Please ping Annie and Georgie an e-mail at hell[email protected] and we'll get back to you.


How do I join an existing team?

Just ask the team you’d like to join to send you their team’s personal invite code. The Team Captain will have been sent this when they signed up but teams can also find this on their dashboard.

What happens if a team member drops out?

You soldier on of course! It doesn’t matter how many team members you have, as long as the total number of challenges reaches your team’s goal (12, 26 or 52) at the end of the year. If a team member cancels their membership before your 52 weeks is up, their solo challenges will be removed from your team count so make sure you stick together! If other remaining members did the challenges with that person, the challenges will still count towards your total.

Who can be on my team?

Anyone you can find with the ambition of accomplishing 12, 26 or 52 challenges between you in a year. Friends, colleagues, family members, Aunt Meredith’s cat…..ok probably not Aunt Meredith’s cat.

Does our team have to do everything together?

You don’t have to but we encourage it! If you’d like to, you can divide and conquer the challenges between you. Team52 is designed to be flexible and work around your team, so if Jonny’s boss calls him into a last minute board meeting the rest of you can still venture on!


Do we have to decide all the challenges in advance?

No way! It can actually more fun to leave some room for creativity in the year. One challenge may open up the door to another - plus we’ll be adding challenges to our Discover area to keep you on your toes!

We suggest each team member adds at least one challenge to the Team Page straight away - one they do in first few months. That way each of you will get the buzz and feel the satisfaction of team progress. Check out our Winter ideas in Discover Challenges or message us if you need more bespoke support to get these first ones nailed.

How frequently do we have to do challenges?

How many you do per week or month is up to you. 52 weeks after your challenge starts, the timer ends for your challenge count so you just need to reach your target by then. You’ll be able to put the final updates to your Team Page - that will stick around for you to come back to. Consider it your Year 1 trophy cabinet...your hall of fame!

Your membership will expire two weeks after the end of your challenges. We are hoping you loved your experience with us so much that you’ll stick around for another year of Team52 (we’ve got lots of awesome developments up our sleeve). We’ll give you a chance to renew your membership and from there you’ll get a fresh Team Page ready for Year 2!

What happens if we don’t complete all our challenges in 12 months?

Yikes! We’re going to do everything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen.

We’ll check in on and step up to help you if your team is dropping behind. IF you don’t complete your challenges though, count it as a learning opportunity and try again the next year!

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