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Your team. 52 weeks.
Achieve awesome challenges

Live a life less ordinary

Complete 12, 26 or 52 active challenges between your team of friends, family or colleagues in a year. Prove to yourself how much you’re capable of.

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Is it time to set yourself a new challenge?

Are you ready to take back control and do something for yourself?
Do you want a new goal and a greater sense of purpose?
Do you need to shake things up and discover new activities?
Do you want to be supported by an incredible, like-minded community?

You're not alone

We’re experts in helping people like you discover, plan and achieve awesome challenges that make you feel incredible.

Team52 gives you the perfect framework and amazing support so you can forget the faff and focus on the fun. It’s a brilliant balance of structure and flexibility to help you do those things you’ve always wanted to.

"It’s those moments...those moments from challenges that you take into daily life...I have learnt so much from past challenges and can’t wait to tackle more of my personal challenges with Team52’s support"
Linda, Team52 member

How Team52 Works

1. Create or join a team

Become a member today, choose your team name and invite your teammates.

Set your team target of 12, 26 or 52 challenges. The target is split between you over a year so you each do as many or as few as you like!

If you’d prefer to be part of a ready-made team, join our central team. We’re better together.

2. Get inspired

Each team member chooses and contributes their own challenges. You can do challenges individually or as a group and everything’s easily tracked on your team dashboard.

Anything counts as long as it’s active - we’re here to cheer not judge.

Add your own ideas or search our ever-growing portal of activities to suit your interests.

3. Achieve your challenges

You’ve got 52 weeks to reach your team’s challenge total together.

They can happen whenever and wherever suits. Book your race, block your weekend, borrow some gear.

We’ll support and guide you the whole way through, so if you need help, just ask! We’ve got your back.

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What it means to be a Team52 member

1. Never get stuck for ideas again

Discover and filter loads of handpicked activity and challenge guides containing top tips and need to know info.

Forget the faff and focus on the fun.

2. Save time with everything organised in one place

Your Team52 dashboard makes it easy for you to rally your team and share in personal and team triumph. Tailor your Team page to share your inspiration, challenge photos and raise money for charity.

3. Your very own challenge mentor

We get that it can be tough to know where to start, which is why our highly experienced team are on hand to give you personalised guidance.

4. Exclusive rewards with top brands & events

Enhance your experience and save money on your challenges and gear with our rewards. We only recommend brands we’ve tried and loved. That means decisions and bagging a bargain are easier for you.

5. Meet fellow adventurous souls

Join us for Team52 meet-ups and team up with others through our members-only group.

Embrace collaboration and friendly competition to help you with accountability. Become part of a growing movement of people on a mission to accomplish 12, 26 or 52 challenges in a year.

"There are the obvious health benefits and lifestyle choices that have been kept up 3 years later. Real change happened!"

Challenge accepted?

Start rallying your team, choosing your challenges and benefiting from our bespoke support today.

Join Team52 Today

Join one of the fastest growing movements of people discovering a life less ordinary.

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Granny B
"We did things we never thought we would. Things we had been wanting to do for a long time. The Team52in52 gave us the push to do it"
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